New Innovative Dog Toy – The Odin

DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View Recommends New Innovative Dog Toy – The Odin

Project by: Up Dog Toys, Seattle, WA

The Odin - Innovative Dog Toy

Kickstarter Campaign:

We are pleased to tell our readers about the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for an innovative new toy for your dogs. The Odin is a toy that engages your dog physically and cognitively, challenging your dog’s brain to earn a treat. The modular design allows for multiple Odin toys to be attached, reshaping the toy and providing an even more challenging experience. The Odin is dishwasher friendly and constructed with tough non-toxic materials.

” Dogs don’t care how their toys look, they just want to play. So why not make a beautiful dog toy, something that complements your home? With this in mind and other ideas on improving our dog’s favorite toys, we created The Odin, a puzzle treat toy that is beautiful for your home and fun for your dog.

The Odin is the first in a series of toys we hope to make to keep your dog happy and your home looking great. “

The Odin is a dog toy designed to look great in your home, while being a full featured puzzle toy. A puzzle toy is a dog toy where the owner puts dog treats into the toy and then the dog tries to get the treats out by playing with the toy. It gives dogs both the mental and physical stimulation they need and stays interesting to any dog who loves food.

Check out this amazing dog toy Kickstarter Campaign.

The Odin’s key features are:

  1. Modern, geometric design made to look great in any home and stand out from other dog toys.
  2. Geometric shape also services to prevent the toy from rolling around excessively and makes the toy bounce unpredictably when thrown or dropped.
  3. Male and female interlocking pieces so that the Odin can be chained together to offer great challenge and versatility. We hope to create new toys in the future to attach to it as well.
  4. Designed to be tough and big enough to not be swallowed by big dogs but light enough that small dogs can roll it around.
  5. Dishwasher safe, non-toxic and phthalate free
  6. 4 differently sized holes to allow treats of varying sizes to fall out. Smaller treats come out easier, while larger treats increase the challenge for skilled dogs.
  7. Flaps to allow treats to be easily placed inside without falling out. Flaps also are a way for dogs to try to lick the treats instead of rolling or tossing the toy to get treats out.

Let’s back this Kickstarter campaign because it’s a fun puzzle toy for your dog and a great design, and we think it is AWESOME!

Review by:  Julie Walton
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