Tips for shopping for Toys for Chihuahuas


Chihuahua PuppySince our dog, Blue Belle, is a medium sized dog and not a Chihuahua we recognize that we don’t know much about how to take care of a small puppy.  Thanks to this post from Sara, we have learned about the needs of a Chuhuahua puppy. Sara tells us before you go shopping for toys for Chihuahuas, check out this easy guide. You’ll learn everything you need to know about what your Chi needs in a toy.

Guest Post by Sara, Freelance Writer ~ ILoveAll Dogs

What you should consider before buying Toys for Chihuahuas

We all want to give our dogs the best food, treats and toys that money can buy. But sometimes we’re not sure where to start. You might find yourself confused about what the right toys are when you’re a new dog owner. This applies for every breed but in this case, we’re talking about Chihuahuas.

As a parent to a brand new Chihuahua puppy, you want to start spoiling them right away. You want to get the best toys for them so that they can meet all their chewing needs.

But don’t go shopping for toys for your Chihuahua before you learn about the best toys for them. They’re little dogs but as puppies they can chew like any other breed. Here you will find everything you need to know before buying toys for Chihuahuas.  All your Chihuahua’s needs and what qualities to look for in a toy are right here.

Teething and Chewing

Chihuahua puppies love to chew but they aren’t the only ones. Even adult Chihuahuas enjoy chewing. Chi puppies start teething at around the age of 4 months. The reason for their need to chew is because they’re gums are itchy. They’re gums itch because they’re baby teeth are getting lose and their adult teeth are coming in.

It’s so important to have adequate toys for your Chi pup to chew on to relieve their discomfort. If you don’t provide good toys for them they’ll turn to chewing everything else in sight. This includes furniture, shoes and anything else they can get their paws on.

Below are some factors to consider before buying, courtesy of Continue reading

DogBlog Review – Zogoflex Air Dash


Zogoflex Air Dash FrisbeeReview by: Julie and Blue Belle Walton
DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View

Product: West Paw Design Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee Dandelion Dog Toy, Large
By West Paw Design

You can purchase this product from
ZogoFlex Air Dash by West Paw

Product Description

The Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee Dandelion Dog Toy has an aerodynamic design that’s easy for parents to throw and fun for dogs to fetch. The durable outer shell surrounds a soft foam material, so it won’t hurt your pup’s mouth or your hands, and the center hole allows for smooth, off the ground pickups, a stable, fast flight and a gradual descent. This Frisbee is injected with Air Technology, making it a high-flying dog toy that’s fun to fetch on land or in water.

Key Benefits

  • Bright dandelion color
  • Light design floats in water
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • FDA compliant and BPA and phthalate-free
  • Non-toxic and top shelf dishwasher safe
  • Designed, sourced and made in the USA

Our Impression

This was a difficult product to review. First of all the dad in the family was afraid to let Blue Belle give it a try. The Air Dash Frisbee seems soft enough for her to catch, but it seems very heavy. He was worried that it would hit her in the head and hurt her. Finally I was able to give it a try. Blue Belle loves to catch a ball and her soft bite floppy disc, but didn’t know what to do with this heavy frisbee. I started by telling her it was a frisbee. I threw the Air Dash Frisbee into the yard several times and she just let it go and didn’t even go after it. I showed it to her again and told her to pick it up and bring it to me. She finally understood that it was something she could play with. Success – she caught it and brought it back.  But she doesn’t really play with it, because she loves her pink floppy disc flyer.

The Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee by West Paw is very sturdy and all of their claims do appear to be true.

“Fly + Fetch

100% guaranteed tough

Made in America

DASH features an ergonomic shape that’s easy on human hands and canine jaws like, a center hole for fast, steady flight, and a wavy profile for better in-air visibility and smooth off-the-ground grabs.”

Our dog, Blue Belle, an Ausie/Blue Healer, prefers a light-weight flyer.

Pooch Perks Dog Box Subscription Review


DogBlog Canine Contributor, Blue Belle, Reviews Pooch Perks

Review by: Julie Walton and Blue Belle the Rescue Dog and

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Pooch Perks Website Link

Pooch Perks Website Link

Go to their Website:

We were told to expect a box for our canine contributor, Blue Belle, to review. She was so excited. Oh my goodness. What an awesome box full of treats and toys.

PoochPerks is a monthly box subscription service for your four legged family members which include a unique collection of organic treats and interactive toys. Their treats are gluten free, have no artificial preservatives and are made with natural ingredients. Their toys are tested for durability and safety. They give preference to local batch gourmet and socially aware companies. (Blue Belle, Murry and Julie really like that fact).

Blue Belle absolutely loved the box full of treats and toys. One of her favorite toys is a little rubber toy from HuggleHounds.  Stuffed Ruff-Tex is 100% natural rubber that is stuffed and extremely flexible.  We use it to play a game with her. We put the toy on her head and tell her to wait and then when we say “OK”, she throws the ball off her head and catches it. SUCH FUN!

DogBlog Review - Pooch Perks

DogBlog Review – Pooch Perks

We highly recommend this subscription box full of goodies. You can purchase a subscription for your pooch, or a gift for a doggie friend. If you choose to cancel your subscription, I see that you can go to the contact page and submit a request to cancel.

About the service: PoochPerks

Shipping is included in every package price. (GREAT IDEA!)

Step 1

Choose your pet’s size Small Pooch (less than 35 lbs); Medium-Large (35 lbs or Bigger)

Step 2

Choose your Pooch package.

Pennypincher Pooch $20.00 package/month

Box contains toys and made in the USA Treats
2 to 3 items
Approximate package value: $25

Popular Pooch $29.00 package/month
Box contains toys and made in the USA treats
4 items
Approximate package value: $35

Patriotic Pooch $45 package/month
Entire box contains made in the USA products
5 to 6 made in the USA items
Approximate package value: $55

Pampered Pooch $50 package/month
Box contains toys and made in the USA treats
6 items
Approximate package value: $60

Custom Box

Treats only boxes for only $20
Contains 2 to 3 packages of all natural, made in the USA treats.

Step 3

That takes you to the cart, select the quantity and don’t forget to add our coupon code to get 20% off your first box of $25 or more.
Use this promo code BESTDOG20

Best Dog Blog Website

Kong Rope Squeezz Toy Review


Product Review: KONG Squeezz Ball with Handle Dog Toy

Rescue Dog, Blue Belle, is happy to feature her video review of the toy we received from We are playing inside today because the fires in Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho are bringing smoke into our beautiful sky. Not too much fun playing outside in the bad air.

Blue Belle loved playing with the Kong Squeezz Rope toy. The toy has a soft handle, which is perfect for dog lovers to play with their pooch.   There is a soft squeeker ball on one end and a durable rope ties it all together. The Kong Squeezz Rope toy works well as a toss toy, tug toy, and a toy for retrieving. The toy comes in a variety of colors. We received a blue toy, our favorite color.

Blue Belle loves this Kong toy. We recommend it.

Dog Toy Review – The Odin A Geometric, Puzzle Dog Toy


Blue Belle, the Canine Dog Blogger reviews the Odin, a geometric puzzle dog toy.

Information about the Odin:

The Odin is a dog toy designed to look great in your home, while being a full featured puzzle toy. You place dog treats into the toy and then your dog tries to get the treats out by playing with the toy. It gives dogs the mental and physical stimulation they need and stays interesting to any dog who loves food.  The Odin was a kickstarter campaign reviewed by our dog blog.

Product:  The Odin by Up Dog Toys


Discount for our Readers: Our readers can take 10% discount before 8/30/15 with the code DOGBLOG10.

Key features:

  • Modern, geometric design looks great in any home and stands out from other dog toys.
  • Geometric shape also makes the toy more fun and enjoyable because it prevents the toy from rolling around excessively and causes the toy to bounce unpredictably when thrown.
  • Male and female interlocking pieces allow The Odin to be chained together to offer more challenge and versatility. We plan to create new toys to attach to it as well.
  • Tough and large enough to not be swallowed by big dogs but light enough that small dogs can roll it around.
  • Dishwasher safe, non-toxic and phthalate free.
  • Four differently sized holes to allow treats of varying sizes to fall out. Smaller treats come out easier, while larger treats increase the challenge for skilled dogs.
  • Flaps to allow treats to be easily placed inside without falling out. Flaps also are a way for dogs to try to lick the treats instead of rolling or tossing the toy to get treats out.

We received two of the toys.  Blue Belle was so excited to see that the treats we placed inside the toys can easily drop out as she rolls the Odin around with her paw and nose. We do recommend this toy.  We will let Blue Belle tell the rest of the story.


Best New Dog Toy – The Odin – Kickstart This Toy


DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View UPDATE New Innovative Dog Toy – The Odin

Just a reminder to our DogBlog visitors, The Odin campaign is almost funded, but they need a little help.  With just 6 days left they still need a few more dollars to reach their goal on KickStarter.  Let’s help this cool toy make it to the finish line.

The Odin Innovative Dog Toy

The Odin Innovative Dog Toy

Project by: Up Dog Toys, Seattle, WA

The Odin - Innovative Dog Toy

Kickstarter Campaign:

We are pleased to tell our readers about the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for an innovative new toy for your dogs. The Odin is a toy that engages your dog physically and cognitively, challenging your dog’s brain to earn a treat. The modular design allows for multiple Odin toys to be attached, reshaping the toy and providing an even more challenging experience. The Odin is dishwasher friendly and constructed with tough non-toxic materials.

” Dogs don’t care how their toys look, they just want to play. So why not make a beautiful dog toy, something that complements your home? With this in mind and other ideas on improving our dog’s favorite toys, we created The Odin, a puzzle treat toy that is beautiful for your home and fun for your dog.

The Odin is the first in a series of toys we hope to make to keep your dog happy and your home looking great. “

The Odin is a dog toy designed to look great in your home, while being a full featured puzzle toy. A puzzle toy is a dog toy where the owner puts dog treats into the toy and then the dog tries to get the treats out by playing with the toy. It gives dogs both the mental and physical stimulation they need and stays interesting to any dog who loves food.

Check out this amazing dog toy Kickstarter Campaign.

Let’s back this Kickstarter campaign because it’s a fun puzzle toy for your dog and a great design, and we think it is AWESOME!

Review by: Julie Walton
Dog Blog: A Dog’s Eye View