Match Your Personality to the Canine You Ought to Adopt

Guest Post By: Barry Nyhan


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Your Personality and the Adoptable Canine

Much like attempting to locate your future spouse or wife, finding a solid match for your K-9 partner is crucial. Consider it, will be with this lovable animal for 10-15 years, so we here at FETCH believes it makes sense that picking a pooch whose demeanor, vitality level, and identity work well with your own is a savvy move. That being said, read on to find the kind of pooch that may suit you best.

The Eccentric, Carefree, and Softly Dynamic House Inhabitant

Not searching for a pooch to trek up mountains or train for a marathon with, yet at the same time need one that is vigorous and cherishing? Consider a pug. This upbeat breed will joyfully go on strolls and to the pooch park with you, regularly mingles well with different canines, and are the best little snugglers on the planet. Since they are so social, you might need to consider getting them in sets so they will have a companion to play with when you’re away.Dog - Adopt a Pug Continue reading

Boise Police K9 Unit – True Blue in Our Eyes

By: Julie K. Walton, Internet Success & DogBlog Owner
Boise, Idaho   May 7, 2010


Boise State University Blue Football Field

What do you think of when I say BIG BLUE? If you live in Boise Idaho, you think of Boise State University Broncos and their big blue football field.


What do you think of when I say MEN IN BLUE?

OK, some of the more creative theatrically adept among us might think of the BLUE MAN GROUP, a totally unique form of entertainment that combines theatrical performance of music, comedy and multimedia.

But most will agree the term "Men in Blue" represents those who put their lives on the line to serve and protect the fine citizens of our much-loved metropolis – our local Boise Police Department.

In Boise we have police officers serving the community in many specialties: Airport Police; School Resource Officers; Police Patrol Units; Officers who ride motorcycles; Uniformed Police Officers on bicycles, assisted by a few part-time Rangers and many volunteer patrols riding golf carts patrolling the Boise River Greenbelt. But, the DogBlog has chosen to focus on one Boise police program in particular.


Many of the dog-friendly respectable citizens of the "City of Trees" truly appreciate, what our DogBlog considers the true blue officers of the Boise Police Department, the loyal and courageous Canine Officers in the Boise PD K9 Unit. According to the Boise PD the canine/handler teams began their service as an official Boise Canine Unit in 1996. These heroic dogs receive extensive training to fulfill their responsibilities as valuable members of our community. Because of their acute sense of smell, they are extremely proficient in detecting hidden drugs, tracking, locating and apprehending suspects, as well as sniffing out articles the bad guys have left behind.

Working as a police officer can be a stressful career. This is also true for canine officers, so it’s good to hear that the dogs are well taken care of. In fact, all of the canines reside in a residence with their handler and become a part of that officer’s family, socializing with others and recovering from the stress of serving and protecting in the line of duty.

A recent visit to the Boise PD Facebook Page reveals the newest additions to the pack.

Dated April 21, 2010:

Meet Bosco, KC and Kamo, Boise PD’s newest drug detection dogs!

Officer C. Stambaugh directs Bosco on a vehicle search. Bosco successfully found a small amount of meth hidden beneath the car's license plate.The Boise Police Canine Unit is proud to introduce it’s 3 newest members, Bosco, KC and Kamo. All 3 dogs were awarded their certification this past week from the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training Academy, achieving the required 100% accuracy on the patrol dog drug detection tests.

“When we take drugs off the streets we reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safer. These dogs will be a big help toward that goal. We’re proud to have them on the team,” said Lt. Alan Cavener of the Boise Police Department Canine Unit. “All these dogs are skilled and highly trained, energetic and ready to go to work for the citizens of Boise.”

The Boise Police Canine Foundation is hoping to acquire the funds to purchase a dual-purpose drug detection – suspect apprehension dog likely sometime within the next year to replace a dog expected to retire. The cost of these incredibly specialized dogs is between $8,000 and $9,000. To contribute to the Boise Police Canine Foundation, log onto Donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated!

READ MORE about these valuable members of Boise PD K-9 Unit on their Facebook Page.

Boise PD YouTube Channel has an introduction demonstration to the K-9 Unit. You can see they really know their stuff!


The Boise Police Department is not allowed to accept donations. However, we now have the opportunity to support this very special team of dogs. The Boise Police Department, in partnership with the Idaho Community Foundation has formed the Boise Police Canine Foundation. By partnering with the Idaho Community Foundation, the Boise Police Department can accept contributions toward purchasing new police dogs and supporting its existing dogs.

Read More about this opportunity to get involved on their website:

K-9 Foundation – See their link to make an online donation, or donate via snail mail.

Boise PD K-9 Unit – See their link to sign up for the Boise PD K-9 Newsletter.

Find Boise PD on Facebook. Follow Boise PD on Twitter.