The FabuLeash – A Dog’s Eye View Review

DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View Review FabuLeash

Fabuleash Fabulous Collection of Pet Accessories

Fabuleash makes pretty beaded dog leashes and collars for small to medium sized dogs.

Dog people know that there are many different dog personalities.  The cute little dogs are usually owned by cute people.  Cute people like cute accessories for their fashionable pets.

We have been contacted to review a dog leash.  This is our first review for a dog leash.  I was rather surprised to see this beautiful little leash with such a sturdy design.

The leash we reviewed is the FabuLeash (FAB) FUCHSIA.

FabuLeash Dog Leash

FabuLeash Dog Leash

“Blue Belle – You look marvelous!” 

Some dogs are athletes, some dogs are hunters, some dogs are guard dogs, and some dogs are couch potatoes.  If you want your dog to look like a movie star, this leash is for you.  The FabuLeash is a little small for our dog, Blue Belle, but it actually is strong enough.  The clasp is very sturdy.  It has a smooth, double-riveted handle.  It is durable, comfortable and stylish.  The leash is made of acrylic beads on a steel cable line that has been pull-tested to over 100 pounds.

“Put a little catwalk in your dog walk. . . and be the envy of the dog run, park or city streets with our doggy dazzler of a leash.  Now walking your beloved pet is more fun n’ fashionable than ever!”

The leash is recommended for dogs 25 lbs and under.  Blue Belle is over 50 pounds, so it is not really a leash for her.  I think it would be great for a smaller dog who wants to be the fashionable talk of the dog walk.

There is a warning that this leash is not for children under 3 because there are small parts, so it can be a choking hazard.

The DogBlog thinks this is a winner of a dog leash for fashionable pooches.