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Maggie, the DogBlog Dog from Boise, Idaho was pleased to test out a very special bed. Special, you say, what makes this pet bed so special? First of all, it is so comfortable it feels like an air mattress. She snoozes away, dreaming of squirrels up a tree and running like the wind.

Maggie is a dog who thought the master family bed was the only place she could sleep. This was until we got her this new luxury pet bed from Crypton Super Fabrics. Now she can stretch out and feel snug as a bug in a rug. OK, she might need a few toys to really feel snug, but even humans would enjoy sleeping on this bed.

The other advantages: Crypton says “if you have a messy pet, don’t stress”. Crypton Super Fabrics makes their machine-washable pet beds resistant to moisture, stains, odors and bacteria. Their impenetrable barrier keeps grime from soaking through the fabric.

Pet accident? No problem – just wipe away. For stubborn stains, they offer a complete Pet Stain and Odor Remover System. But the DogBlog hasn’t tested those products.

You can visit Crypton Super Fabrics online to create a customized bed for your pet, and view their blog – – to find out about Life on Crypton and the Super Pooch, Molly B.

Please check out Maggie’s musical YouTube video review.

The dog bed that Maggie tested is a Molly B. Luxury Pet Bed – Herringbone Cardinal – Size 36″ x 44″ x 5″
Maggie and the DogBlog give Crypton Super Fabrics Pet Beds a WINNER Recommendation. This pet bed product is the best dog bed we have experienced.

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Maggie, the Dog, Tests Pet Food

The door bell rang, it was a delivery. The box is left at the door. We guess the delivery guy didn’t want to meet Maggie at the door. I brought in the box and to Maggie’s delight the delivery was for her. You see, a representative for SUPERVALU® contacted the DogBlog to ask if we would like to sample their new products for dogs. SUPERVALU® has launched WholeCare Pet™ Brand of National-Brand-Equivalent Pet Foods and Supplies. Maggie agrees it is a good idea to nurture your furry, four-legged family members with The WholeCare Pet™ line of pet products. Yes, they even have things for the other furry family members of the cat population. Just don’t let Maggie hear about it!

The WholeCare Pet line will be available nationwide at the company’s family of grocery stores. Our friends in Idaho can find the WholeCare Pet line at Albertsons.

Here is Maggie’s video report about these tasty dog foods and treats – she gives the WholeCare Pet™ Line of Products her yelp of approval.

Dog Cone – Why do I Have a Lampshade on my Neck?

Maggie wears a Dog ConeDo I look silly, or what!

Why did my people do this humiliating thing to me? Well I will tell you, here is my story.

For some unexplained reason, which will remain a mystery, I injured my back feet. As soon as this was noticed by my responsible pack leaders they whisked me off to my friend Dr. McKown at Pets First Animal Clinic here in Boise.

After they scratched their heads trying to figure out how I injured myself, the doctor got down to business and used a low-tech method to look for germs. He put some tape on my foot to gather skin cells and then went out of the room. He came back to tell us that there was a bunch of bacteria on the slide indicating I had a bacterial infection. (No wonder my foot looked so red) YUCK. Dr. McKown sent us home with some medications and this interesting home decorating device which I truly enjoy wearing.

Yes, the squirrels and birds laugh at me, but I bet I can hear much better than any other creature around. I’m sure they don’t understand that I wear this cone to keep me from licking my wounds. And it works! My dog collar fits through the loops and this keeps the cone securely on my neck. I get to take it off once in awhile, but I just can’t help it some times and I start licking my feet. So back on it goes. If you want to know more about neck cones read eHow.

Finally I’m Rescued!

Maggie, the RescuedHi, I’m an animal shelter rescued dog.  I was lost, and then I was found and rescued.  I must have been quite a challenge because I was taken to a special place to be trained as the semi-well-behaved dog that I am.  I got to live with inmates at a penitentiary.  These guys really knew how to help me.  They taught me to be a well behaved dog and now my dream has come true.  I get to live in a house with a “roof” with a backyard that isn’t too “ruff” and a squirrel I call “ralf” and a family that loves me, humans that I can herd and protect.

 My people discovered that I had a few issues to overcome.  They think maybe I wasn’t socialized as a young dog.  I do not like loud noises.  I tried to eat our lawn mower (they should be using sheep or goats to mow the lawn).  One day I decided to chase after the neighbor’s lawn mower.  He wasn’t too happy. 

There are just some things that I don’t understand.  Why can’t I eat the vacuum cleaner?  It looks threatening to me!  I’ve never experienced an ironing board and iron, so my master had to keep me calm.

My people were very scared when I decided to eat some human medicine.  Yes it was way up high on a dresser and in a medicine box.  But I’m a smart dog and I guess I was bored.  I was caught soon enough that I only ate some of the pills.  My introduction to my new doctor at Pets First Animal Clinic came quickly.

Something to remember – KEEP YOUR DRUGS AWAY from curious pets.  Now my owner puts her pills way out of site.  I guess I won’t do that again.

Maggie – The Rescued Dog, Boise, Idaho

Find your next best friend at an animal shelter.  2nd Chance Animal Shelter Website

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