Finally I’m Rescued!

Maggie, the RescuedHi, I’m an animal shelter rescued dog.  I was lost, and then I was found and rescued.  I must have been quite a challenge because I was taken to a special place to be trained as the semi-well-behaved dog that I am.  I got to live with inmates at a penitentiary.  These guys really knew how to help me.  They taught me to be a well behaved dog and now my dream has come true.  I get to live in a house with a “roof” with a backyard that isn’t too “ruff” and a squirrel I call “ralf” and a family that loves me, humans that I can herd and protect.

 My people discovered that I had a few issues to overcome.  They think maybe I wasn’t socialized as a young dog.  I do not like loud noises.  I tried to eat our lawn mower (they should be using sheep or goats to mow the lawn).  One day I decided to chase after the neighbor’s lawn mower.  He wasn’t too happy. 

There are just some things that I don’t understand.  Why can’t I eat the vacuum cleaner?  It looks threatening to me!  I’ve never experienced an ironing board and iron, so my master had to keep me calm.

My people were very scared when I decided to eat some human medicine.  Yes it was way up high on a dresser and in a medicine box.  But I’m a smart dog and I guess I was bored.  I was caught soon enough that I only ate some of the pills.  My introduction to my new doctor at Pets First Animal Clinic came quickly.

Something to remember – KEEP YOUR DRUGS AWAY from curious pets.  Now my owner puts her pills way out of site.  I guess I won’t do that again.

Maggie – The Rescued Dog, Boise, Idaho

Find your next best friend at an animal shelter.  2nd Chance Animal Shelter Website

Coming soon See the toys I really like and the tricks I am learning, pet rescue resources in the Northwest and places to have fun with your best friend.



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