Maggie, the Dog, Tests Pet Food

The door bell rang, it was a delivery. The box is left at the door. We guess the delivery guy didn’t want to meet Maggie at the door. I brought in the box and to Maggie’s delight the delivery was for her. You see, a representative for SUPERVALU® contacted the DogBlog to ask if we would like to sample their new products for dogs. SUPERVALU® has launched WholeCare Pet™ Brand of National-Brand-Equivalent Pet Foods and Supplies. Maggie agrees it is a good idea to nurture your furry, four-legged family members with The WholeCare Pet™ line of pet products. Yes, they even have things for the other furry family members of the cat population. Just don’t let Maggie hear about it!

The WholeCare Pet line will be available nationwide at the company’s family of grocery stores. Our friends in Idaho can find the WholeCare Pet line at Albertsons.

Here is Maggie’s video report about these tasty dog foods and treats – she gives the WholeCare Pet™ Line of Products her yelp of approval.

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