Reason God Made Dogs


Aren’t you thankful that God looked down on his wide eyed children and said “They need a companion” – so God Made A Dog.

God said I need somebody willing to wake up, give kisses, pee on a tree, sleep all day, wake up again, give more kisses, then stay up until midnight basking in the glow of a television set – so God made a Dog.

God said I need someone willing to sit .. then stay .. then roll over …

We are so thankful that God made Dogs! I’m sure he had a good reason to create cats too, but dog lovers see the wisdom of this wonderful gift – The Dog.


St Bernard is Afraid of Stairs


What would you do if your St. Bernard found himself up the stairs and was too afraid to take the stairs to go back down?
These loving polish speaking doggie parents show us how they did it.

According to a comment on YouTube, this is the translation:

What he says: – My lovely doggie, come, come, here we go, come, come sonny, we’re going down. Your Mrs is smart, and allowed you up-stairs, and now we have to toil over it to get you down. And You’re also so damn smart, now come, come, here look. (from downstairs some talking about sausage) Yes, give him some sausage, he really needs sausage now, hey sonny, look, there’s ninja. Ninja, call Maniek. That much, but he’s… – Here sonny. – Look, here’s sausage, please. – Why did you give it to him.
But I didn’t give it. Come, he’s not gonna come, look he won’t take even a step. – Oh, We won’t play around. I’m gonna push him. – You’ll have to clean the floor now. (some gibberish). Don’t worry, look your Mrs is coming, you know what’s gonna happen. Look what’s happening when he’s dribbling. Are you gonna make something like that again? He’s gonna hurt himself. – We’re coming Maniek – We’re coming Maniek.    Come my precious. 😀 I told you he can’t come up here. Come.

From NBC- Limping penguin finds his footing


Great story on NBC news about a penguin who needed some help from humans.  Zoo keepers asked a local shoe company to use their high tech skills to create the perfect fit, really improved his quality of life – giving  this little penguin happy feet.  Don’t you just love animal stories with a happy ending!

When Santa Barbara zookeepers noticed a limping penguin, they outfitted him with a high performance bootie. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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Way to go Teva, creators of Lucky’s boot, who treated Lucky just like they would any customer.
Here’s another YouTube video about the process of getting Lucky the best boot in the zoo.

I searched and found a YouTube video with the song “Penguin With a Funky Shoe”

Speed Dating for Dogs


NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports on a new way to match dogs with caring owners. It’s doggie speed dating, the mood is set with wine and cheese.

For many dogs sent to shelters, time is running out. This sounds like a fun way to find these well groomed pooches a forever home.

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