Pets With Anxiety: How to Help Before, During, and After a Move

Guest Writer: Sarah Hollenbeck

Moving is an exciting time and a fresh start for many. However, with an anxious pet, it can be difficult to ease their nerves in an unfamiliar environment. Your new home might be overwhelming to them, causing an increase in anxiety and bad behavior. Thankfully, there are various ways to help your furry friend feel at home when moving. Below is a guide from the team at MyMove on how to move pets safely before, during, and after your move. 

Before the Move

  • Make sure your home has sufficient space so that your pet has room to run and get in exercise.  
  • Before the move, try and set up their bed and play area beforehand to decrease stress when your pet arrives. 
  • If you can, consider bringing your dog to the new home early on to explore the area. This way, when it comes time to move, they will already be familiarized with the location.  

During the Move

  • During the move, boxes may be scattered around and unfamiliar people may be helping out. To reduce your pets’ stress, hire a pet sitter to help them avoid the chaotic environment
  • To help them associate the home with positivity, spend plenty of time playing with them on the very first night in their new home.
  • Give them a tour during the move to help familiarize them with each new room. 

After the Move

  • When you’re all settled in, make sure to keep a consistent schedule to help with the transition.
  • Help them settle in at the beginning by spending a lot of time together. 
  • New homes are full of unknown dangers, so consistently check for hazards to make sure your pet stays healthy and happy as they explore.

Change can be an overwhelming time for every member of your family. When it’s time to move locations, your furry friend can be especially overwhelmed in the transition. By taking your pets’ personality traits, behaviors, and likes into consideration, your new digs will begin to feel like home in no time.