Dog Toy Review – The Odin A Geometric, Puzzle Dog Toy

Blue Belle, the Canine Dog Blogger reviews the Odin, a geometric puzzle dog toy.

Information about the Odin:

The Odin is a dog toy designed to look great in your home, while being a full featured puzzle toy. You place dog treats into the toy and then your dog tries to get the treats out by playing with the toy. It gives dogs the mental and physical stimulation they need and stays interesting to any dog who loves food.  The Odin was a kickstarter campaign reviewed by our dog blog.

Product:  The Odin by Up Dog Toys


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Key features:

  • Modern, geometric design looks great in any home and stands out from other dog toys.
  • Geometric shape also makes the toy more fun and enjoyable because it prevents the toy from rolling around excessively and causes the toy to bounce unpredictably when thrown.
  • Male and female interlocking pieces allow The Odin to be chained together to offer more challenge and versatility. We plan to create new toys to attach to it as well.
  • Tough and large enough to not be swallowed by big dogs but light enough that small dogs can roll it around.
  • Dishwasher safe, non-toxic and phthalate free.
  • Four differently sized holes to allow treats of varying sizes to fall out. Smaller treats come out easier, while larger treats increase the challenge for skilled dogs.
  • Flaps to allow treats to be easily placed inside without falling out. Flaps also are a way for dogs to try to lick the treats instead of rolling or tossing the toy to get treats out.

We received two of the toys.  Blue Belle was so excited to see that the treats we placed inside the toys can easily drop out as she rolls the Odin around with her paw and nose. We do recommend this toy.  We will let Blue Belle tell the rest of the story.