Assistance Dog Week (Aug 2nd – Aug 8th)

Put your hands (or paws) together for assistance dogs.  International Assistance Dog Week is August 2-8.

There are three primary types of assistance dogs.

  1. Guide Dogs – help people with vision issues
  2. Hearing Dogs –  help people with hearing issues
  3. Service Dogs –  help people with other disabilities.

I have a great love for dogs and really appreciate their intelligence.  I happen to have epilepsy.  Even though my dogs have not been trained to be service dogs, I do notice that they stay very close to my side when I am feeling like I could have a seizure.

Please let us know about your experiences with service dogs.  Thanks to After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic for the awesome infographic helping to  spread some knowledge on assistance dogs.

Assistance Dog Week Infographic

Assistance Dog Week Infographic