American Made Dog Treats – Beastie Bars

We have always tried to be careful about the type of dog food we feed our dog, but ever since our dog, Maggie, suddenly got violently ill and died, we have been suspicious and wondered if she got sick from the jerky she ate that was made in China.  The other day I received an email from Matt Goldman who told me about his Kickstarter campaign for Beastie Bars, healthy, ALL NATURAL, on-the-go dog treats. The bars have a protein meat base and select fruits, veggies & honey.  Looks like a great idea to me.  Check out their Kickstarter Project.


I told Matt we had concerns about dog treats from China, and he told me they have concerns about product made in China too! That concern is what led him and his father to create the dog treat line Kettle Creek Farms.

More of what Matt had to say:

We found that the most popular treat with both our taste tester Homer, and the customers was the fruit & veggies blend. We took that feedback and created what became The Beastie Bar.

Beastie Bars are individually wrapped, protein based dog treats, made here in America. Each bar is formulated with either chicken, turkey or beef, and includes our blend of strategic fruits and veggies to compliment a healthy diet.

We use ALL NATURAL ingredients and NO CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES. Thanks to a special cooking process, and our proprietary cider vinegar preservative, Beastie Bars have a shelf life of 18 months.

There has been incredible growth in the human food bar market over the past decade. More and more people are eating on the go, and demanding a healthy option while they are at it.

Think about this: The US Food Bar Market (for humans) is expected to grow to over $8 billion by 2016

And this: Sales of “Natural” pet food is expected to surpass overall pet food sales by 2016

While there are many healthy dog food options to choose from, we haven’t found a meat based, individually wrapped doggy snack bar anywhere! So we set out to create one, and The Beastie Bar is the result of those efforts.”