Saving abandoned animals, one ride at a time

See the video, reach the article by NBC News.

See the video, reach the article by NBC News.

Saving abandoned animals, one ride at a time.  – VIDEO

A story about truck drivers and dogs that need a lift.  Mark Potter, NBC News reports about a group of volunteer truck drivers and an organization named Operation Roger . . . Truckers Pet Transport, where pet loving truck drivers, men and women, help needy pets.  As you can see from the video and the article written by Erika Angulo, Producer, NBC News, it is so good to hear about a successful effort to find permanent loving homes for dogs in need of people.

In beautiful Tok Alaska an anxious family awaits an important delivery.  A puppy was hand delivered by a truck driver.  It took 9 days and traveled more than 4,500 miles thanks to a kind-hearted trucker, David Binz and Operation Roger. “It’s a good way that truck drivers in America can give back to society because we’re not home a lot,” Binz said. “We can’t do a lot of volunteer projects, but this is something that we can do.”

WAY TO GO TRUCKERS!  Blue Belle and the dogblog think you guys are pawsitively the best. This sounds like a great cause.  By the way, it appears that this volunteer organization can use more volunteers:

  • Truck Drivers
  • Layover Homes – temporary fosters
  • Shuttle Drivers – 4 wheelers in major cities and surrounding areas