Why We Started a Blog for Dogs and Their People.

Why did we start this blog? Dogs are man’s best friend, we all know that. We wanted to find the best places and the best things to do with our “best friend”. Now that we have lost our best friend to old age, we will show you some of the places she loved to go and will share the experience of building a relationship with our new member of the family. Join us in scouting the Northwest for dog-friendly places.

Losing Our Best Friend – What to Do?

Scout the wonderdogOur 14 year old Heeler/Australian Shepherd started our blog journey with visits to parks in Boise, Idaho.  She is no longer with us, so we will carry on to develop a blog for dogs and their owners.  We will feature things to see and do in the Northwest.

Our newest member of the family will be happy to help in our research.  Scout would have been proud of us as we scout the Northwest for the best things for dogs and their people.


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