Smallest Puppy – Beyonce is a Survivor

Video from CBS Sacramento – rescue and rehabilitation ranch The Grace Foundation share the story of the rescue and survival of the tiny chihuahua puppy they named Beyonce.

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Update on Beyonce’s Adoption Status from The Grace Foundation Website

"The Grace Foundation is so grateful for the response we have received to our little Beyonce and her story of survival. We never could have predicted the amount of attention her story would receive or that she would become an international sensation.

Beyonce has become an ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere and has brought much needed attention to the plight of these dogs. In just two weeks this amazing little girl has put a face on the struggles that shelter dogs must face. Although some of them, like Beyonce and her family, are lucky enough to be rescued and find loving homes, millions more are euthanized every year. It is our hope that Beyonce will continue to encourage people throughout the country to adopt these rescue dogs, who are truly on their last chance at life."