Facebook Community Helps Find Missing Sled Dog

Last week I checked my facebook page to find an urgent message from friends in Alaska.  A facebook community page had been set up entitled “Help Find Whistler The Dog“.  It started out with the following post:

“Help us find Whistler! He could be anywhere from Anchorage to Willow, Alaska. He escaped a vehicle and we are trying very hard to find him. Please share this page through facebook and encourage others to do the same. There is contact information posted under “info” to the left. Thank you!”

The local Anchorage newspaper, The Anchorage Daily News, printed an article by MICHELLE THERIAULT BOOTS: German Iditarod musher’s lead dog missing in Anchorage

“A rookie Iditarod musher’s lead dog is missing in Anchorage after escaping from a dog truck on Thursday, friends say.

Silvia Furtwangler, a German musher who lives in Norway, arrived in Anchorage after two grueling days of international travel with her dog team.”  READ the Article . . .

Throughout the days I checked facebook and I noticed several people had spotted the missing dog, so I was hopeful that Whistler would be found safe and sound.  Today I was happy to see the report – Missing Sled Dog Found.  Very happy ending!

BACK TO FACEBOOK – I left a quick note on facebook to thank my friend for the update, and was surprised to find the local newspaper has already posted an update to the story. So HERE IS THE REST OF THE STORY: Enchiladas, roast beef aid in sled dog capture. By KYLE HOPKINS, Anchorage Daily News

Social Networking at its best!

UPDATE: An update on the Facebook Community Page for the missing dog says “Hi everyone! I got a call from Silvia just a little while ago. She took the dogs out for a 3 hour run today with Whistler in harness as part of the team, and he did great! She said he acted like nothing ever happened. He was happy, jumping, wagging his tail and Silvia was so happy. The team is back together! Share this page with others because we are going to continue giving you updates on Whistler’s progress with upcoming pics and video, along with the rest of the team!”

Check out owner Team Silvia Furtwängler’s website. There you’ll see pics of her entire team, including Whistler and his father Sharky! http://www.teamsilviafurtwaengler.com/teamsilviafurtwaengler/home.html