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Alexis, Charlie and Zolo Plan Travel through Canada

Alexis, Charlie and Zolor Plan Journey Through Canada

Seattle Family and Their Dog Travel Through Canada

Now this is a project that dog lovers can get behind.  A family from Seattle will travel with their dog, Zolo (who happens to be from Taiwan) through Canada to give you a taste of what life is like in that beautiful place we like to think of as our good neighbors to the north.  Let’s keep in touch with Alexis, Charlie and Zolo and follow their travels and insights while they journey across Canada in their van they have named Vanny with their puppy Zolo, hero to neurotic dogs everywhere.  I’m sure they will greatly appreciate your encouragement and backing.

Online Resources

Information is available at and on the Kickstarter page at

About the Seattle Family

Alexis, Charlie and Zolo are a family from Seattle, Washington. They’ll celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary somewhere in British Columbia this July. But the star of the show is Zolo, their 27-pound mixed breed rescue who came to live with them three years ago thanks to the magic of Petfinder.

All three are world travelers. Their numerous past trips include a month-long honeymoon in Bali, four months working and living at the South Pole, long trips in Europe and many multi-day, back-country hikes around the Western United States and Alaska. Even Zolo was rescued in the hills of Taiwan and flown here as part of a rescue program.

The KickStarter Campaign

Zolo Neurotico in Canada: A Multimedia Guidebook/Travelogue

Launched: May 9, 2013      Funding ends: Jun 8, 2013

by Charles Redell  ~ We’re gathering material for a multimedia travelogue and guidebook to seeing Canada with a slightly neurotic dog.