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Blue Buffalo Review

Blue Belle Reviews Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats

Our new family member Blue Belle, the rescue dog, is happy to review her first pet product.  A package arrived from  “How exciting a box just for me.  Let me get my paws at it! ”  In the box is a dog treat – Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky.

We have heard of Blue Buffalo dog and cat products, but never tried them.  Before making the decision to review this product for our precious pup, I wanted to make sure it was safe.  Upon investigation I was reassured to realize that Blue Buffalo is made in the USA.  Our beloved dog, Maggie, recently died from something she ate, so you can understand our concern.

Blue Belle absolutely loved these tasty treats.  Of course she did, she’s a dog! We loved the details and information about the Wilderness Trail Treats.  The treats are made with the finest natural ingredients.  According to Blue Buffalo, Wilderness Jerky is a wholesome treat that will help support your dog’s strength, health and vitality.  Again, something that this dog loving family is very concerned about.  We find ourselves reading all the details on the packages, to make sure our dog gets the best of everything. There are no by-products or artificial anything in Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky.

For those of you who need grain-free products, Blue Buffalo tells us that this is a perfect grain-free treat.  “High-quality poultry makes BLUE Wilderness Jerky the perfect treat for dogs who are fed a grain-free or raw diet.  It’s jerky with a wild side!”

The jerky is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Ingredients listed include chicken, dried cane molasses and salt. For maximum freshness Blue Buffalo instructs you to be sure to store BLUE Wilderness Jerky Treats in a cool, dry place.  To keep them as fresh as possible, they recommend refrigerating after opening.

Because the product is not cheap, it might be good to use some scissors to cut the jerky up into smaller pieces to make it last longer.  We think your dog would still be satisfied with a smaller piece.

We found this to be an excellent product and Blue Belle approved.

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