Why Sleeping With Your Dog is a Great Idea

My dog provides comfort.

If you are like me, you know how much comfort your dog brings to your family. I happen to have epilepsy, so Blue Belle is a real comfort to me. And she is the rescue dog who rescued us. I always feel so secure when she is keeping me safe in bed.

Enjoy the guest blog post by Karli Jaenike.

Any one dog lover knows that sleeping with your dog in the bed provides comfort and security. Not only are dogs soft and cuddly, but co-sleeping with your dog can offer a ton of health benefits.

For example, sleeping with your dog has been shown to reduce depression. Animal assisted activities (such as interacting with your dog, petting your dog or cuddling your dog) increases our flow of oxytocin. This is the “love chemical” that is released when you see something cute, hug someone you love or think happy thoughts.

This oxytocin not only helps depression, but relieves anxiety and stress as well. This allows you to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. In fact, oxytocin has been shown to promote theta brainwaves, which are known to occur during the deepest stage of sleep (REM sleep).

Those with insomnia and those with PTSD have seen massive benefits from sleeping with pets. Additionally, those who suffer from heart issues can benefit from cuddling their dog as well! One study found that human-dog interaction led to lower blood pressure readings.

The below infographic from Casper covers more benefits (and a few drawbacks) of sleeping with your pet. Do remember — sleeping with your pet is not for everyone. If you or your dog is sick or injured, if you have allergies or if you have not established a relationship with your dog, it may not be best to sleep with them in the bed.

Reasons to sleep with your dog.