Surprise My Pet Box Review

Surprise My Pet Box

Surprise My Pet Box

Surprise My Pet is a new gift box service for dogs, other pets coming soon!  They launched their new website Mid February.

Each month your pup can receive 2-3 or 4-7 treats/toys and other fun/essential items in the mail!

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They Say:

None of the treats/chews are made in China and are inspected to assure they are healthy and safe for your pets. Each box that is shipped helps support animals that are in need. After they get some support from customers they plan to use a lot of that money to educate folks about properly owning a pet and giving them all the free support they need along with connecting homeless pets with owners

Their Website:

They do have a beautiful website:

The description of the website reads “SurpriseMyPet is a monthly subscription that sends out goodies to your pup! Surprise your dog with gifts here:”  The website is very user friendly, it even has a link for an online chat.  You can learn how it wokrs, send a gift, look at the frequently asked questions, select your dog size to get started and see the pricing.  They show you customer feed back and show you some of the charities they work with, giving back to pet charities.

Our Box Arrives:

We received a box of three items for our review.

Surprise My Pet Box

The packaging is a beautiful box. I must say we were surprised, but I wondered if they forgot to add all the products. Such a big box for just three items. Then I realized it was supposed to be just three things.

We received the following items:

  • Vermont Fleece Ball
    An extra durable fluffy ball from Ethical Dog. Super great for hours of fun and chewing pleasure!
    Cost $5.50
    This was Blue Belle’s favorite thing in the box. She pulled it out of the box first thing. She loves squeaky toys. The squeaker is still working after several weeks of use.
  • Cadet Premium Chicken Tenders
    A Delicious, 100% real chicken treat from Cadet. The treats pack deliciously high protein content that your pup won’t want to stop eating.
    Cost $10.50
    They do look delicious, but our family doesn’t use jerky treats because of our concern of many that have been recalled. This product from Cadet does say it is made in the USA. I did some research on the manufacture’s website and found this press release – Memo –  IMS Responds to Customers Concerns Regarding Jerky Treats from China
  • Smokehouse Dog Treats
    Yum! A crunchy treat from Smoke House. This Prime Slice is 100% natural and it’s slowly roasted for 53 hours to get amazing color and flavor!
    Cost $6.50
    The ingredients indicate Beef Ligament. Package says Made in USA.

The Cost:

Pricing - Surprise My Pet

Pricing – Surprise My Pet

Month to Month: 4 – 7 items $32.95/Mo + 7.95 S/H
Month to Month: 2 – 3 items $13.95 +6.95 S/H

3 Month: 4-7 items $26.66 +7.95 S/H
3 Month: 2 – 3 items $12.56/Mo +6.95 S/H

Annual: 4 – 7 items $27.02/Mo +7.95 S/H
Annual: 2 -3 items $11.44/Mo +7.95 S/H

My DogBlog readers are offered a special coupon that you can use to get a discount on your first box!

Coupon Code:

*BestDogBlog*    to get $5 off (Expires on 4/4).