DogBlog Review – MrChewy

The Dog Blog canine contributor, Maggie, and her human blogger, Julie, were pleased to participate in a review of the web site Mr. Chewy.  Mr. Chewy was founded in 2011 and it appears to be doing a great online business.

We loved the humorous way that the web site is designed.  Free shipping on orders $49 makes it well worth the trip to the computer to place an order for your dog (or cat).

First step was to head on over to their web site  Step two was to register.  According to their web site creating an account is fast, easy, and free. You’ll be able to track your orders, create wish lists, write reviews, and more!

  • Track your orders
  • View your order history
  • Change your delivery schedules
  • Write reviews
  • Rate products
  • Get exclusive offers, discounts, and more!

And they were right.  It was very easy to create our account, our information was kept private.  So managing the account was a very good online experience. 

If you have questions, they have a live chat.  I did have two occasions to use their live chat.  The first chat did take some time.  I assume they were very busy that day. 

The only complaint I had was that one of the items listed on the web site indicated a price range starting at $5.99.  When I looked at the item – Redbarn Bully Sticks Dog Treats, the lower price of $5.99 was not one of the options.  I asked the customer support about this and was told they do not have that item available.  So my question – why have the $5.99 item listed if the price should actually range from $10.99? The customer support representative apologized sincerely for the misunderstanding and told me he will let management know of this and make sure it’s dealt with appropriately. 

We placed our order and Mr. Chewy sent our order very quickly.  Maggie was very excited to see a big box of treats arrive at our door. The packaging was solid.  As you can see, Maggie the dog blogger thinks Mr. Chewy is one lip-smacking place for dogs and their blogs.

Mr. Chewy DogBlog Review

Maggie, the Canine Contributor Reviews Mr. Chewy