Social Networking Goes to the Dogs

My last post featured a Facebook page that encouraged Alaskans to find a lost sled dog.  The dog was a foreigner, belonging to a German musher who resides in Norway.  After much social networking the two were reunited in Alaska, five days after the dog disappeared.

Now I have another story for you.  I received an email from Jon Kolker, co-founder of a new site, – the first ever location-based social network for dog owners.

Jon founded the site along with his friends Kabir Shukla and Gareth Wilson. As dog lovers, they wanted to create a community for dog owners to connect with each other in a new way and discover fun places and activities. The end result is a mobile web app that lets users find, check-in, rate and just have fun with their dogs. They work on iPhone and Droid devices.

Here is What Excited Me

Jon said they are also working on new features that allow users to find rescues and shelters and donate to dog charities and service dog organizations. So when I’m sitting at the dog park with my dog and canine contributor, Maggie, and visiting with the other dog parents, I can pull my iphone out of my pocket, and take a look at

And, as they say . . . Remember – it’s a dog meet dog world.

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