Maggie the Rescued Dog and The R.O.A.R. Squad

It wasn’t easy being a dog on the run. But one day, when life was oh so rough, somebody came to my rescue. I must have been quite a sight and in some human’s estimation a bit too much to handle. Thankfully, people who truly cared didn’t give up on me. In fact, I was taken to live with guys who actually dwell behind bars. Yes, they call these men prisoners, or inmates. They live in the "big house". They gave me the attention I needed, taught me some dog gone manners. And before I knew it, they considered me rehabilitated.

One day the men who live behind the great big high razor topped fence told me it was time for me to go. A nice family came and picked me up. They knew all about dogs and forever homes and knew I had some ruff stuff baggage to deal with.

My new friends had this look in their eyes like they needed me, so I decided to "rescue" them. I got to ride in their car and went to live in their house. It was a new experience being a member of a real family, and I had so many things to learn. But now I am happy to report that this inmate trained pup is doing great. Thanks to the prisoners who trained me, and the rescue shelter that saved me (Second Chance Animal Shelter), I am experiencing a happy and healthy life – Yes It’s a Dog’s Life – and it’s GREAT!. We are excited to see our Rescue Animal story featured in as R.O.A.R. Squad members from the State of Idaho.

The R.O.A.R. Squad (Rescue Owners are Rockin) is the ingenious idea of a lady named Shauna who lives in a great smelling country, our neighbor to the north, Canada. She has a couple lovable canines in her family, and has first hand experience in compassion for pets that have found themselves as outcasts in society, "throw aways". Shauna had this terrific idea to encourage humans to help us non-humans (some people call us pets) by inviting a rescue animal into your family and giving it a forever home. She created an awesome blog that features Rescue Owners and their rescued animals from every province in Canada and every state in the USA. We think that is DROOLIN COOL!

So wag your tail and jump on over to the FidoandWino Blog, say hello to Shauna, John, Mickey and Kayloo. While you’re at it check out the article about our family. Julie, Murry and Maggie – R.O.A.R. Squad Members from Idaho.

Maggie the Rescued, Canine Contributor
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