Dog Ownership – Apology Video

YouTube Video from: Retriever Rescue of Colorado

What do pet owners say when they have to give up their dog to the dog pound? The Apology Video tells the story.

  • I’m just traveling too much – I”M SORRY
  • We are moving – I”M SORRY
  • He’s just too old – I”M SORRY
  • He’s not very smart, impossible to train – I”M SORRY
  • She has too much energy – I”M SORRY
  • The shelter will be able to find a better home – I”M SORRY
  • I didn’t realize he would need to go to the vet this much – I”M SORRY
  • I had no idea a puppy was this much work – I”M SORRY
  • I don’t believe in neutering or spaying my dog – I”M SORRY
  • I just don’t have the time for a dog anymore – I”M SORRY
  • We are remodeling – I”M SORRY
  • We have a baby now – I”M SORRY
  • We are getting a divorce – I”M SORRY
  • My landlord found out I have a dog – I”M SORRY
  • The kids have outgrown the dog – I”M SORRY
  • I just don’t want a dog anymore – I”M SORRY

Please please please consider all aspects of owning a pet before you decide to make them an addition to your life and family. Our pets depend on us, the decisions we make affect our pets.

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  1. OK, you heard her people. Let’s get going, do it for your pets. Check out their facebook page and SPREAD THE WORD!

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