I Do Dog Tricks Website

Check out this virtual dog website. Type in the commands and the cute little dog will do the tricks. If you say something that he/she doesn’t understand, she will still respond. See what happens when you type in Kiss – but better make it the last command.

Virtual Dog Does Tricks

Virtual Dog Does Tricks


6 thoughts on “I Do Dog Tricks Website

  1. I just wanted to say kudoos! I was doing some research on Google when I found your website. After checking out this website I’ve come up with some good ideas for my website. I just thought I’d let you in on it

  2. Hi Steve, Maggie says hi. Glad you found our site. Maggie was taking one of her many trips to Petco the other day and stopped to say hello to the ferrets. She loves to go for walks there, she finds so many interesting smells. We wish you and your family of ferrets the best with your website.

  3. I just wanna say play dead,sneeze,and kiss are the best ones! This dog is the cutest dog I have ever seen….. I wish I had this cutie dog!!

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