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Dog paws
I’m thinking that we might want to make our own dog paw prints, or at least put together a list of resources.  If you have a suggestion, please post a note. – Julie & Maggie

But for now here is an article I found to share.

Free Graphics Of Dog Paw Prints

By Anna Hart

Whether their dogs are big Black Labrador Retrievers or tiny brown Chihuahuas, dog lovers enjoy using dog-centered graphics. And all dog lovers seem to like free graphics of dog paw prints. You like them, but where can you find free graphics of dog paw prints?

Computer Software Programs

Many software programs offer free graphics of dog paw prints. Two examples:

1. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher both produce several free graphics of dog paw prints simply by selecting “Insert, picture, clipart” from the menu and typing “paw print” into the search box. If you want free graphics of dogs, you can use the same procedure and search on “dog”.

2. Adobe PhotoShop offers free graphics of dog paw prints in any size and color you want. On the tool bar, select the “custom shape tool” and browse for the paw print you want. If you cannot find the dog paw print, click the arrow at the top right of the shape selection box, and append “animals”.

3. Do a search of your whole computer for any graphics type files that contain the word “paw” and you may find hidden free graphics of dog paw prints where you least expect them.

Internet Websites

The Internet will often yield free graphics of dog paw prints.

1. Fuzzy Faces website has a wide array from which to choose. Don’t like red, white, and blue. Import their free graphics of dog paw prints into your own graphics program and change the colors. Change the size, too, to meet your needs.

2. Abquisto Graphics has free graphics of dog paw prints in the form of buttons or bars for your web site.

3. offers a font of free graphics of dog paw prints. Each paw print has a letter on it, so you can type words with paw prints. Simply visit their site, copy the file paw.ttf to your Windows/fonts directory. Then open your text editor and select “Ennobled Pet”.

4. Hiox India offers free graphics of dog paw prints in 48 different colors! They make provision for you to test colors on a different background, too, with a simple mouse click.

5. If you visit My Flint River Dog, you will find free graphics of dog paw prints for use on your personal or commercial web site.


The best way to get distinctive free graphics of dog paw prints is to do it yourself – assuming you own a dog. Use non-toxic children’s finger paints and white cardstock. Dip your dog’s paw into the paint, and place it on clean cardstock, pushing slightly to get a clear print. You can repeat as often as necessary until you get a good clean print.

Take your dog print and scan it into your computer. You can now produce various sized free graphics of dog paw prints.

Make It a Project

Collecting free graphics of dog paw prints can be fun. Get together with other dog owners and help each other make dog prints with finger paints. Appoint one person to collect all the prints (labeled as to whose dog made them and the breed name), and scan them. Then share the results. You will have many sizes.

About the Author: © 2007, Anna Hart. Anna Hart invites you to read more of her articles about dogs at Anna has posted additional information on that site about Labrador Retrievers. If you ever wondered where to find yellow Labrador retriever names, you’ll enjoy Anna’s perspective on the subject.


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