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Good Samaritan lassos pair of dogs trapped in canal

Our dog blog readers love rescue stories. We found a doozie of a cautionary tale from Moxee, Washington.

Here in the northwest we use irrigation canals to water our crops. Many of these water ways have concrete walls. As a result, canals can be very dangerous, so signs are posted to warn people to stay out of the canal. We invite you to follow the link to the report from the Yakima Herald about a couple dogs that found themselves doing a fast dog paddle and needing to be rescued from the Yakima Valley Roza Canal.

We applaud the very skilled gentleman from Mexico, Jesus Villanueva.

Link to Article from the Yakima Herald – Good Samaritan lassos pair of dogs trapped in canal

Idaho Eagle Hits Truck – All Survive Close Encounter

Bald eagle crashes through truck windshieldA Bald Eagle – A Truck Driver – An Amazing Rescue Story

Truck driver Ben Wright was minding his own business, driving down an Idaho road when BAM something crashed through his front window. “I didn’t know what hit the windshield, all I knew was the glass exploded, and this thing was screaming just like a child, or something,” Wright said. What was this "THING"? It was a bald eagle. The eagle’s wing was stuck in the windshield, injured but still alive. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game carefully rescued the majestic bird and sent it to a non-profit organization in Wyoming, the Teton Raptor Center.

The eagle was patiently nursed back to health. Today she is soaring the skies of Idaho. Read more about this "Miracle Eagle" on Assignment Earth Facebook Page.

On the Road Again

In Idaho we often hear of close encounters on the highways between vehicles and critters such as deer, elk, even squirrels. I have a feeling this truck driver will never forget the day in Idaho when he couldn’t wait to get on the road again – in fact he was see’n things that he may never see again. Now when we go for a drive with our dog, Maggie, we’ll keep our eyes open for Wiegle – the Window Eagle. Don’t you just love rescue stories. (Willie Nelson‘s music is now going through my head . . . "On the Road Again . . ")



Blog the Change for Animals

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Here’s our dog adoption story featured in the We really missed having a dog after our beloved 14 year old Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler, Scout, died. We seriously questioned the wisdom of searching for another family pet. It was so difficult to grieve the loss of such a good companion and member of our family. But we soon realized that our house was not a home without a dog. READ ON . . .

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