Dogblog Says Blog The Change for Animals


Join us blogging the change for animals

Get involved, be the change, tell your friends why animals have changed your life. Can you change the life of a lonesome animal? Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy an extra bag (or can) of food and donate it to your local pet food pantry.
  • Help sponsor the spaying or neutering of a companion animal waiting to be adopted at your local shelter.
  • Thank a local restaurant for allowing dogs to sit on the patio with you.
  • Sponsor a tree to be planted at your local dog park.
  • Bake some dog treats and deliver them to your local shelter.
  • Bake some people treats and deliver them to your local shelter to thank the staff and volunteers for their work.
  • Smile at your vet and thank him/her for their care.
  • Tell your facebook friends to take care of our animal friends.
  • Send out a tweet about Blog the Change for Animals

3 thoughts on “Dogblog Says Blog The Change for Animals

  1. Wonderful ideas! And choices that people can easily do. I love the baking ideas especially, how original!

    Thank you for blogging the change!

    Kim Thomas from

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We are very pleased to Blog the Change for Animals. I often relax while watching TV, holding my laptop and lay back in bed. Sometimes Maggie, relaxes right next to me and puts her head or nose right on the keyboard. When my rescue dog looks up at what I’m doing on my computer, I think about her life before she was rescued and wonder what would she want me to tell our blog visitors.

    I really believe rescue dogs truly appreciate their forever homes. Having a dog in our family has been so beneficial to our health and happiness.

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