What Happens When Engineers Own Dogs


We are not engineers here in the Walton household, but we do have a dog who would love this smart design. Belle loves to fetch a tennis ball, that is her favorite game. I was watching this video, laughing with glee, and Blue Belle noticed. She immediately brought me a ball.

Enjoy the funny video
“What Happens When Engineers Own Dogs”

Pawsitive Works – Youths Team Up With Canines


Website: pawsitiveworks.com

Find them on Facebook – Let’s help them increase their followers

What an inspiration! Julie and Maggie, Idaho Dog Bloggers have been in touch with Pawsitive Works and are happy to hear this program for youth at risk and shelter dogs will be expanding to our local Treasure Valley to serve the Canyon County Community. They will be using shelter dogs from the Caldwell Shelter and youth referred by juvenile probation. According to Karen Schumacher, Pawsitive Works Executive Director, it is a a life changing program for the youth and dogs. Pawsitive Works will be expanding to Caldwell in the Fall of 2012 and are in need of volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of youth and shelter dogs. So let’s get excited Idaho dog lovers. Send them your support. You are encouraged to connect with Pawsitive Works on Facebook and visit their website volunteer page. We know how much volunteer spirit we have here in Idaho, so here’s your chance to get involved.

Pawsitive Works

About the Pawsitive Works Program

Pawsitive Works is making a measurable difference in the lives of at risk youth.

Our program provides at risk youth with behavior skills that are linked to increased school attendance, improved community relations and decreased problem behaviors.  The program increases self-concept and mindfulness and positively affects empathy through the care and training of homeless behaviorally challenged dogs. Continue reading

Boise Has a New Elite Store For Pets


We went to visit our vet today. Don’t worry Maggie wasn’t sick – it was her annual checkup at her favorite Boise veterinarian – Dr. McKown. Before we went into the exam room we were excited to visit their new shop. Pets First Animal Clinic expanded their clinic and added a cute shop of elite pet products. I asked Dr. McKown to tell me more about their new shop.

Spoil that pet of yours at Elite Foods and Apparel; We carry a full line of hard to find items such as LED Collars, outdoors gear, ecofriendly clothes, bowls, and gifts; High quality leather collars and leashes, bamboo leashes and collars; a full line of specialty foods including Canidae, Felidae, Natural Balance, Evo, Innova, Ivet, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, Premium Edge, Wellness and many more.

We also carry enormous Elk antlers, bully sticks, treats, tough-to-destroy toys, enameled dog and cat treasure boxes, and much more.

We carry a full line of BSU, Vandals, and Packer gear for you pet as well! Open Saturdays AND Sundays!!!

Pets First Elite Foods and Apparel is having their Grand Opening this weekend, May 5th, 2012.   Pets First Animal Clinic is located at 9730 Fairview Ave  Boise, ID.

Boise Idaho Pet Food and Apparel

Social Networking Goes to the Dogs


My last post featured a Facebook page that encouraged Alaskans to find a lost sled dog.  The dog was a foreigner, belonging to a German musher who resides in Norway.  After much social networking the two were reunited in Alaska, five days after the dog disappeared.

Now I have another story for you.  I received an email from Jon Kolker, co-founder of a new site, wheremydogsat.com – the first ever location-based social network for dog owners.

Jon founded the site along with his friends Kabir Shukla and Gareth Wilson. As dog lovers, they wanted to create a community for dog owners to connect with each other in a new way and discover fun places and activities. The end result is a mobile web app that lets users find, check-in, rate and just have fun with their dogs. They work on iPhone and Droid devices.

Here is What Excited Me

Jon said they are also working on new features that allow users to find rescues and shelters and donate to dog charities and service dog organizations. So when I’m sitting at the dog park with my dog and canine contributor, Maggie, and visiting with the other dog parents, I can pull my iphone out of my pocket, and take a look at wheremdogsat.com.

And, as they say . . . Remember – it’s a dog meet dog world.

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Chicken jerky treats linked to mystery illnesses, deaths in dogs

Link to Vitals on MSNBC

Chicken jerky treats linked to mystery illnesses, deaths in dogs

The Food and Drug Administration has renewed a warning to pet owners regarding chicken jerky products imported from China. Reports tell of mysterious illnesses and some deaths in dogs. At least 70 dogs have been sickened so far this year. Read the story posted on Vitals at MSNBC.com.

Chicken jerky treats linked to mystery illnesses, deaths in dogs.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety


Link to article about dog deparation anxiety


If you’ve ever come home to find that your otherwise well-behaved dog has destroyed furniture, had “accidents” on the carpet, or has been disturbing the neighbors with his loud howling, it’s very likely that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

This article on the Pedigree website shares a number of reasons why dogs suffer from separation anxiety and 5 ways to nip separation anxiety in the bud. READ THE ARTICLE Dealing with Separation Anxiety.