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Zogoflex Air Dash FrisbeeReview by: Julie and Blue Belle Walton
DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View

Product: West Paw Design Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee Dandelion Dog Toy, Large
By West Paw Design

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ZogoFlex Air Dash by West Paw

Product Description

The Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee Dandelion Dog Toy has an aerodynamic design that’s easy for parents to throw and fun for dogs to fetch. The durable outer shell surrounds a soft foam material, so it won’t hurt your pup’s mouth or your hands, and the center hole allows for smooth, off the ground pickups, a stable, fast flight and a gradual descent. This Frisbee is injected with Air Technology, making it a high-flying dog toy that’s fun to fetch on land or in water.

Key Benefits

  • Bright dandelion color
  • Light design floats in water
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • FDA compliant and BPA and phthalate-free
  • Non-toxic and top shelf dishwasher safe
  • Designed, sourced and made in the USA

Our Impression

This was a difficult product to review. First of all the dad in the family was afraid to let Blue Belle give it a try. The Air Dash Frisbee seems soft enough for her to catch, but it seems very heavy. He was worried that it would hit her in the head and hurt her. Finally I was able to give it a try. Blue Belle loves to catch a ball and her soft bite floppy disc, but didn’t know what to do with this heavy frisbee. I started by telling her it was a frisbee. I threw the Air Dash Frisbee into the yard several times and she just let it go and didn’t even go after it. I showed it to her again and told her to pick it up and bring it to me. She finally understood that it was something she could play with. Success – she caught it and brought it back.  But she doesn’t really play with it, because she loves her pink floppy disc flyer.

The Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee by West Paw is very sturdy and all of their claims do appear to be true.

“Fly + Fetch

100% guaranteed tough

Made in America

DASH features an ergonomic shape that’s easy on human hands and canine jaws like, a center hole for fast, steady flight, and a wavy profile for better in-air visibility and smooth off-the-ground grabs.”

Our dog, Blue Belle, an Ausie/Blue Healer, prefers a light-weight flyer.

Is your Paint Pet Safe?


Guest Blogger:  Aedan Kiernan

As pet owners we are all very careful about the food and toys we give to our pets, and what we do around them, which could be detrimental to their health. We are all aware of the dangers of things like chocolate, not many pet owners are aware of health implications that domestic decorating products like paints can have on our furry friends.

The Danger of Paints

Paint might not seem like the most dangerous household substances, but some domestic paints can have serious implications on the health and wellbeing of our pets. These paints are so harmful due to the harsh chemicals that they contain, which includes solvents, heavy metals and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). These chemicals release gases which can cause serious harm to our pets when they are inhaled. Although these gases are most potent while paints are drying, fumes can still be released long after the paint has dried. While the full extent of the damage caused by these chemicals is unknown, symptoms include dizziness, irritation to skin, eyes and air ways and in extreme cases full bodily hair loss.

Paints are not the only decorating product which can cause harm to our pets. Some other hazardous products include varnishes, paint removers and white spirits. The dangers are not just limited to inhalation of these gases and pets can suffer from the same symptoms if they ingest paints or other decorating products. Continue reading

Collar Safety Awareness Week


Dog’s Speak Up for Collar Safety

By: Blue Belle Walton, Canine Contributor
DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View

Dog Collar Safety

Hi there dog lovers, Blue Belle here, canine dog blog contributor, grateful rescued dog, and tail wagging happy member of a furever family.

My family wanted me to talk to you about a very serious issue. Today my mom gave me a new collar. She said that this could actually save my life. What is so special about my new collar? It has a feature that makes it come apart if I get my collar caught, so I don’t get strangled. My new collar is a PetSafe® KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar.  Isn’t it pretty.  I really like it.  My mom listened to a video interview from the women who created it.  She invented this collar after she lost her dog Chinook, to a collar strangulation accident.  How terrible!  You can see the video below.

Information about the PetSafe® KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar

The collar features a patented break-away safety buckle that releases when pressure is applied or it gets caught on something, allowing it to fall off harmlessly and reduce the risk of strangulation or injury to the pet. The KeepSafe collar also has a metal D-ring on each side of the breakaway buckle, which can be used to attach ID tags and can also be clipped together with a leash so pet parents can safely walk their dogs using the collar.

We didn’t even know that this was a risk, but my mom heard about the Educational Campaign to Protect Pets from Collar Strangulation Accidents . They call it Collar Safety Awareness Week. We think everyone should help get out the word. Mom said it is urgent to make everyone aware of this safety issue. So listen up, people. Please pass this along. I know your dog will thank you.

Collar Related Injuries

  • Over 19 million dogs wear collars everyday
  • More than 26,000 collar related injuries happen each year
  • 71 incidents per day
  • More than 50% of pet professionals have experienced a collar related incident in pets

Common Causes of Dog Collar Incidents

  • Play Biting
  • Deck Slats
  • Fences
  • Crates
  • Heating/Cooling Vents
  • Shrubs/Bushes

The first annual Collar Safety Awareness Week, October 18-24, 2015, is being launched to educate the public about the risks of strangulation and dangers of traditional collars as part of National Animal Safety and Protection Month.

PetSafe® Interviews Tenney Mudge, Inventor of KeepSafe Collar

PetSafe® Collar Safety Awareness

Blue Belle’s Message to All Dogs and Their Family’s PROTECT YOUR PET WITH A SAFE COLLAR.

PetSafe Collar Safety Awareness Week Infographic

DogBlog Review: Zuke’s Mini Naturals


Review byZuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats DogBlogger Julie Walton
DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View

Product: Zuke’s Mini Naturals
Received from:

Blue Belle loves to do tricks and one of the best treats for rewarding our dog are small treats like these little mini treats from Zuke’s.  We received the Zuke’s Mini Naturals Fresh Peanut Butter Formula from to review.

The 6 oz. package is actually a pretty large package.  And I see that they are on sale at Chewy right now.

These treats are wheat, corn and soy free and there are less than 3 1/2 calories per treat.

Blue Belle really likes these tasty treats, in addition to using them for training purposes, we also use them inside her Odin Toy.


Peanut Butter, Ground Rice, Ground Barley, Malted Barley, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerine, Tapioca, Natural Flavor, Cherries, Sunflower Oil, Lecithin, Salt, Phosphoric Acid, Rosemary, Turmeric, Sorbic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Mixed Tocopherols

DogBlog Review: Orijen Free-Run Duck


Review byOrijen Free Run Duck Freeze Dried Dog Treats DogBlogger Julie Walton
DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View

Product: Orijen Free Run Duck Freeze Dried Dog Treats
Received from:

We received a 2 oz. package (approximately 55 treats) of freeze dried dog treats made from duck and duck liver. The treats are proudly made in Canada. The package indicates they use regional ingredients delivered fresh.  The founder says the quality is never outsourced, preparing Orijen treats in their own kitchens, where they freeze-dry fresh local ingredients and control every detail of preparation.  They are freeze-dried to lock in flavor and nutrition.

The first thing I noticed about the treats is the fact that they are very light in weight.  The first thing my granddaughter noticed, is the smell.  But Blue Belle loved the smell.  We are very careful to feed our special loved one only the best dog food and treats.  This product by Orijen qualifies as a healthy good snack which we feel we can trust.

Traveling With Our Dog – Finding a Self Wash Dog Bath


Dog Friendly Road Trip

Pet Place MarketWe were so excited to wake up early in the morning with our car jam-packed with luggage, sleeping bags, a cooler full of drinks and lunch, an audio book for our listening pleasure, snacks, and of course the BEST DOG IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Blue Belle, who joined us on our road trip to to the great Northwest.  We traveled from Boise, Idaho on the interstate freeway system through Oregon, over the Columbia River to Washington State, through scenic wine country and finally to venture through the picturesque cascade mountains and Kittitas County.  We truly love to travel the state highways through the beautiful small communities. As soon as we could, we hopped off the interstate to relax on the slower pace of the Washington state highway.

Shortly after leaving our home in Boise I realized that I should have given Blue Belle a bath the day before we left.  Riding in our small car, with Blue Belle snuggling up between us, caused some discussion about the unpleasant odor we would have to endure for several days. It didn’t seem to bother Murry much, but I do have a very good sense of smell.  So we looked online to see if there was a self service dog wash somewhere on our route. We knew we would be spending the night in Cle Elum, WA, and the next day stopping to take Blue Belle for a walk and enjoy the awesome view of Snoqualmie Falls, so we searched google for a self serve dog wash near Snoqualmie.

Our search brought us to a fantastic jewel of a find, Pet Place Market, located in North Bend, WA.  We sent an online message to let them know that we would be traveling through North Bend the next day and would be so happy to give Blue Belle a bath in their self serve dog wash.  When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised when we stepped inside to say we were traveling and needed to use their self serve dog wash.  The nice lady said “this must be Blue Belle”.  Yah! They read our message.  We were greeted by the Manager, Amanda, and a nice young man named Zack.

Amanda showed us into the back room where the doggie spa was located.  A nice sized room that was very nicely decorated with several bath stations.  She gave us a tour and explained how everything worked.  First we put on some stylish blue (Boise State Colors, by the way) rubber aprons and took Blue Belle to a table where we brushed her.  If we wanted we could do a few other grooming things like clip her nails.  Then we took her to the bathing station.  The water was already set to the proper temperature and ready to go. Amanda showed us how to use the shampoo and conditioner, how to hold the sprayer for the water and how to use the blow dryer.  We even had scented spray to use after she was all cleaned up.  We chose the lavender spray.  She smelled so good.

After her bath we looked through the pet store and found a product to add to our purchase – an organic dog treat made with real berries produced locally. Wet Noses grain free dog treats are USDA organic Non-GMO and made nearby in Monroe, Washington.  I found this information about their facility on their website:  “Every single one of our treats are produced at our facility in Monroe, Washington – about 30 minutes north of Seattle. Wet Noses has called the beautiful Pacific Northwest home for nearly 20 years, since our beginnings in a Seattle kitchen in the late 1990s”.  They also say “Our company is founded on one very basic philosophy, if you wouldn’t eat it – don’t give it to your pet”.  What a great attitude!

We were so thrilled to find this super duper pet place with such a friendly staff.  We plan to stop in again when we take another road trip with the BEST SMELLING DOG IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

  • Blue Belle Really Needed a BathWe found a great place with a self serve bath.
  • Pet Place Market in North Bend, WAMurry signs us up to JOIN THE PACK!
  • First Step - Brushing Her CoatBlue Belle wasn't so sure about this.
  • Amanda Takes Us On A TourTips and instruction about using their dog bath.
  • Water Set to Perfect TemperatureBlue Belle was being such a good dog.
  • Scrubbing BubblesMurry takes his turn at bathing.
  • Getting Clean.The shampoo/conditioner worked great.
  • All Clean!Amanda tells Blue Belle she looked so pretty. And she had treats.
  • full screen sliderWe found a local organic dog treat from Wet Noses.
  • Pet Place MarketWe absolutely love this place!
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