Collar Safety Awareness Week


Dog’s Speak Up for Collar Safety

By: Blue Belle Walton, Canine Contributor
DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View

Dog Collar Safety

Hi there dog lovers, Blue Belle here, canine dog blog contributor, grateful rescued dog, and tail wagging happy member of a furever family.

My family wanted me to talk to you about a very serious issue. Today my mom gave me a new collar. She said that this could actually save my life. What is so special about my new collar? It has a feature that makes it come apart if I get my collar caught, so I don’t get strangled. My new collar is a PetSafe® KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar.  Isn’t it pretty.  I really like it.  My mom listened to a video interview from the women who created it.  She invented this collar after she lost her dog Chinook, to a collar strangulation accident.  How terrible!  You can see the video below.

Information about the PetSafe® KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar

The collar features a patented break-away safety buckle that releases when pressure is applied or it gets caught on something, allowing it to fall off harmlessly and reduce the risk of strangulation or injury to the pet. The KeepSafe collar also has a metal D-ring on each side of the breakaway buckle, which can be used to attach ID tags and can also be clipped together with a leash so pet parents can safely walk their dogs using the collar.

We didn’t even know that this was a risk, but my mom heard about the Educational Campaign to Protect Pets from Collar Strangulation Accidents . They call it Collar Safety Awareness Week. We think everyone should help get out the word. Mom said it is urgent to make everyone aware of this safety issue. So listen up, people. Please pass this along. I know your dog will thank you.

Collar Related Injuries

  • Over 19 million dogs wear collars everyday
  • More than 26,000 collar related injuries happen each year
  • 71 incidents per day
  • More than 50% of pet professionals have experienced a collar related incident in pets

Common Causes of Dog Collar Incidents

  • Play Biting
  • Deck Slats
  • Fences
  • Crates
  • Heating/Cooling Vents
  • Shrubs/Bushes

The first annual Collar Safety Awareness Week, October 18-24, 2015, is being launched to educate the public about the risks of strangulation and dangers of traditional collars as part of National Animal Safety and Protection Month.

PetSafe® Interviews Tenney Mudge, Inventor of KeepSafe Collar

PetSafe® Collar Safety Awareness

Blue Belle’s Message to All Dogs and Their Family’s PROTECT YOUR PET WITH A SAFE COLLAR.

PetSafe Collar Safety Awareness Week Infographic

Dog Dental Treat Greenies – Review


3 year old Shaelee shares a video review of the dog dental treats Greenies. Blue Belle waits while we talk with Shaelee about the dog treats, Greenies. Shaelee is wearing gloves because she is allergic to dogs.

1 Year Old Shae and Blue BelleBlue Belle is the same age as Shaelee and we love the fact that Blue Belle is so gentle with her. We were not too thrilled when we realized that Shaelee is allergic to dogs, but we figured out how she can still enjoy being with Grandma and Grandpa and our dog Blue Belle.

When we adopted Blue Belle we tested her people skills.  She was so very gentle when we played with her and when we gave her a treat.  We wanted to make sure that our new forever dog would be a good fit for our family, including our one year old granddaughter.

Here is Shaelee and Blue Belle’s Review – Greenies

We were really excited to have the opportunity to review greenies, they have been a favorite of our family for years. It doesn’t take long for Blue Belle to gobble up a greenie, but I do think they are in her mouth and teeth long enough to freshen her breath.

We received a 12 pack of grain free Greenies from  They arrived packaged in a box, the mail man brought them to our door.  Greenies say they are the total oral health solution.

  • Fights tarter buildup & plaque
  • Freshens breath
  • Maintains healthier teeth and gums
  • Naturally helps clean teeth

Blue Belle does likes the taste, and we are glad that they are low in calories and fat. An interesting fact that I wasn’t aware of – they have added vitamins and minerals.  Key to us, they are Made in the USA!

Shaelee, Blue Belle, Murry and Julie all recommend Greenies Dental Treats.

Fantastic All Natural Dog Biscuits – Nutro Ultra Review


We Took These Great Dog Treats on Our Vacation

Dog Treat Review By:  Blue Belle, DogBlog Canine Contibutor
A Dog’s Eye View

Canine Vacation - Road Trip


Blue Belle here, your dog blog canine contributor. There are two things I absolutely love – going for a ride in the car on a super vacation and snacking on yummy dog treats. My FurEver family took me on a great vacation to beautiful Washington State. We saw rocky mountains and stayed at our favorite pet friendly motel , The Aster Inn, in Cle Elum. We saw a cool waterfall at Snoqualmie Falls, and fields of flowers in the Skagit Valley. We even saw some funny looking kritters.

Nutro Ultra Dog Biscuits and Our Vacation

I must say my favorite part of the trip was eating the scrumpdillyicious dog treats from Nutro Ultra – All Natural Biscuits with Wild BlueBerry and Pomegranate. How did I get to experience such fine delights, you ask. Well let me tell you.

The doorbell rang, I barked (of course). Julie and I went to the door to see a delivery box left on the step. The parcel was from, one of my favorite websites for dog treats. We brought the package in before the stupid squirrels could even think of coming to investigate. I sniffed the box – ooh something smelled so good. Julie opened the box and sure thing, it really did smell good. It smelled like blue berries!

Nutro Ultra Wild Blueberry Dog Treats Arrive

We decided they were the perfect treat to bring on our fun-filled doggie adventure to the great northwest. Every time we opened the package to snatch a treat, we would get a whiff of delicious wild blueberry and pomegranate. The aroma would fill the car and we would smile. So glad we chose to bring these treats on our fun and furry vacation. I totally think you and your pup will enjoy these flavorful dog biscuits, and if you can swing it, hop in your car and take your family on a trip to the Northwest.

Here’s what my dad, Murry, has to say about the biscuits: “I liked the dog treats because Blue Belle really loved them, and I like the smell of them.  They smell so good, I even wanted to eat them.  The Nutro Ultra Biscuits are easy to break apart, about the size of a quarter.  They really get the attention of your dog. One of my main concerns is feeding my pet good quality food and treats.  These treats have lots of antioxidants and a blend of three different kinds of protein, which is ideal for your dog.  So I would highly recommend them.”

Here is the scoop about the All Natural Biscuits Nutro Ultra

Link to Website – Nutro Ultra Biscuits

Nutro Ultra Wild Blueberry & Pomegranate Biscuits Antioxidant Blend Dog Treats, 16-oz

Nutro Ultra All-Natural Biscuits are made with super-premium whole foods to promote the health and well-being of your dog. The unique blend of nutrient-dense, superfood ingredients delivers superior functional benefits to your dog’s vitality. These Wild Blueberry & Pomegranate Antioxidant Blend Dog Biscuits don’t just taste great, they serve a function too. Because blueberries and pomegranate are naturally loaded with powerful, cleansing antioxidants, these treats help support your dog’s immune system, heart health and longevity.

Key Benefits

  • Helps maintain and boost your dog’s immune system
  • Supports healthy heart function
  • Farm-raised chicken, pasture-fed lamb and salmon ensure optimal amino acid levels
  • Packed with antioxidants to help maintain a strong immune system, a healthy heart and sharp mind
  • NO wheat, ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, soy, artificial colors or flavors or fillers
  • Made in the USA


Whole Brown Rice, Ground Rice, Whole Oats, Oatmeal, Chicken Meal, Flaxseed, Lamb Meal, Salmon Meal, Blueberries, Pomegranate, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Oat Fiber, Dried Plain Beet Fiber, Sunflower Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Egg, Natural Flavors, Tomato Pomace, Dried Blueberry, Dried Pumpkin, Dried Pomegranate, Dried Spinach, Dried Carrot, Dried Cranberry (preserved with mixed Tocopherols).


Share your road trip experiences with us, we love to hear about dog friendly places.

Blue Belle’s Rescue Story



Jordan Walker considers dogs as one of the best pets because of their loyalty and natural gift of intelligence. He encourages other people to treat pets better through his written works for Coops And Cages and in blogs such as this one. In this article, he will be telling you how dogs are great as exercise buddies.

Walking the  Dog

Exercise is for everyone. People of all ages and different sizes, whether you are size 4 or a size 10, you need exercise. Why?  For those who consider themselves healthy, it will keep your bodies working  always at an optimum level. For those who are on the heavier side, to finally  do away with the excess weight. For the adults, to keep muscles, joints and bones stronger through time. Who exercises with you? If you have been doing this alone at a gym for several years now, you may want to consider getting a real exercise buddy that can keep up with you – a dog exercise buddy.

Why Dogs Are Best As Exercise Buddies

Why a dog and not just enroll in a gym that has the state-of-the-art facility? Here’s why:


  1. Friendly company. A loyal dog will always consider you his best friend. Get its leash, take it outside, and it will happily wag its tail as the two of you walk or jog around the neighborhood. It beats being alone on a treadmill or being with other people minding their own businesses lifting weights at a gym.
  2. You become more motivated. Since dogs, especially the sporting breeds need exercise, you will be committed to take this out for its needed exercise. This means that you get to exercise as long as your dog is able to do so. No more missing your exercise regimen because the very thought that your dog needs to exercise its muscles will motivate you to take it for a walk on a regular basis.
  3. It keeps you in touch with the environment. You will be doing most of the exercising outside, either around the neighborhood, at the yard, or the nearby park. Exercising with your dog will keep you in touch with nature and the environment as a whole, something that many people nowadays tend to miss when they choose to just stay indoors most of the time.
  4. You meet other people. Dogs are cute. Take care of your dog to a point that it looks shiny or clean and you will find a person or two commenting on how this looks amazingly great. You see, there are many people out there who love pets. Walking or jogging alone may not elicit you a conversation from a stranger, but you won’t find this a problem when you are holding a canine pal on a leash. That is why dogs are considered the best weapon for the singles looking for romance. People tend to fall in love with the dog first, then notice its owner.
  5. No cash needed. The best gyms will charge you unreasonable fees unless you can get discounted membership rates, usually offered when they are having promotional stints to boost their business. With a pet dog, you need not break the bank. Although you will be investing it food, toys, pet grooming treatments and for its healthcare needs, you won’t feel like you were cheated with these splurges.
  6. Your emotional well-being improves too. Experts recommend getting a pet because it can make you happier and calmer. Dogs have the ability to lower your cortisol levels, the chemical that has been linked to elevated stress. Their ability to calm people has also seen them enter hospitals where they are used therapeutically to help patients recover from illnesses such as cancer. Similarly, exercise has shown to increase happy hormones in people. If you combine the two, exercise plus being with a dog, it’s a sure and quick way to beat stress.
  7. It protects your brain. Even when you are not exercising with it, having a dog is still considered a great thing. Psychologically, it can keep you happy. Physically, you lessen the risk of stroke. According to the American Heart Association, owning a dog can improve your circulatory processes and this, in turn, can protect your brain from stroke.

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American Made Dog Treats – Beastie Bars


We have always tried to be careful about the type of dog food we feed our dog, but ever since our dog, Maggie, suddenly got violently ill and died, we have been suspicious and wondered if she got sick from the jerky she ate that was made in China.  The other day I received an email from Matt Goldman who told me about his Kickstarter campaign for Beastie Bars, healthy, ALL NATURAL, on-the-go dog treats. The bars have a protein meat base and select fruits, veggies & honey.  Looks like a great idea to me.  Check out their Kickstarter Project.


I told Matt we had concerns about dog treats from China, and he told me they have concerns about product made in China too! That concern is what led him and his father to create the dog treat line Kettle Creek Farms.

More of what Matt had to say:

We found that the most popular treat with both our taste tester Homer, and the customers was the fruit & veggies blend. We took that feedback and created what became The Beastie Bar.

Beastie Bars are individually wrapped, protein based dog treats, made here in America. Each bar is formulated with either chicken, turkey or beef, and includes our blend of strategic fruits and veggies to compliment a healthy diet.

We use ALL NATURAL ingredients and NO CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES. Thanks to a special cooking process, and our proprietary cider vinegar preservative, Beastie Bars have a shelf life of 18 months.

There has been incredible growth in the human food bar market over the past decade. More and more people are eating on the go, and demanding a healthy option while they are at it.

Think about this: The US Food Bar Market (for humans) is expected to grow to over $8 billion by 2016

And this: Sales of “Natural” pet food is expected to surpass overall pet food sales by 2016

While there are many healthy dog food options to choose from, we haven’t found a meat based, individually wrapped doggy snack bar anywhere! So we set out to create one, and The Beastie Bar is the result of those efforts.”

Things you need to know about your pet’s immunizations


Guest Writer: Ryean Bishop

How much do you really know about your pet’s shots? They are the most important factor in keeping your dog healthy, and can make the biggest difference in whether they get an infectious disease or not. About 95% of the dogs who are vaccinated, never get the diseases that they were vaccinated for. Those are great odds, and when it comes to the health of your dog, it’s not worth the risk of refraining from vaccinating.

When a puppy is first born, he or she receives natural immunity from nursing if the mother was vaccinated. After weaning, this natural immunity is gone, and in order to be protected, the puppy needs shots. A puppy at the age of eight weeks will start receiving shots. They will need a series of shots that are usually every three weeks with a total of three rounds.

After they are initially vaccinated, pets need to keep up their immunity by staying vaccinated. Most vaccinations expire after one to three years, and after that point, they need another shot. This keeps them protected from infectious diseases and gives them a better likelihood of a good quality of life. Also, if you want to get your dog groomed or boarded, these facilities usually require current vaccinations for each dog, so that no pets get infected while they are there.

The key things to vaccinate against are Rabies, Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Bordatella, and Heartworm. All of these cause different symptoms that make dogs incredibly sick. Getting your dog vaccinated means that the veterinarian gives the dog a shot of the actual virus itself, so that the dog’s body can naturally produce antibodies to fight it. The vet will tell you how long your dog will have immunity from this particular disease, and after that it is important to renew your dog’s shot.

Although that sounds like a lot of shots, there is a five in one shot that includes immunity against five diseases with only one shot. Sometimes veterinarians will give heartworm pills to dogs instead of a shot, and some vaccinations can be done by squirting a liquid into the dog’s already wet nose to breathe in. When an actual shot needs to be given, it is usually done around the shoulder blade area. There may be some tenderness in the area of the shot for the next day or so, but they will not be showing symptoms of the actual disease because they are injected with a very small amount of it.

It is extremely important to vaccinate your dog to keep them happy and healthy. Check your dog’s vaccinations today to make sure that they are 100% protected from infectious disease.

Author Bio – Ryean Bishop is a veterinarian’s assistant who loves working with animals and keeping them healthy so they can enjoy life. Click here to learn more about tips for keeping your dog healthy.